May 4th, 2008


You are watching DTV... NOT!!!

Okay, so we got the $40 government coupons in the mail this week and went to Radio Shack on Saturday to buy a DTV converter for one of the TVs. Setup went easily enough, but the stations... Oy Vey!

There are a number of DTV stations broadcasting in New York City, but you wouldn't know it from flipping through the channels via the converter box. I now have fewer stations than before I set it up, and some of them are just so much pixelated garbage on the screen. I realize that we still have a number of months before the switch over, but hell! if this is the level of signal reception the majority of non-cable, set-top antenna users are going to be getting come next February, the government is going to have a riot on its hands. DTV as a service sucks. I did manage to get one station in strongly, and that was wonderfully crisp, but still... They need to fix this issue if they want the American public to embrace the change without demanding the recall of every idiot who voted for this switch.
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