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Here in New York City train buffs have been having a bit of trouble with the police and transit employees when taking photos on the subway system. According to the MTA's own website, taking photos or videos by the general public is LEGAL -- but try telling that to the police. Down in Washington, DC, they have been having a similar problem when trying to take photos or videos inside of Union Station. Amtrak says it is legal, but as this FOX News video shows, not everybody knows that. Priceless!

You can't do that here!
I love how the rent-a-cop shows up and tells the news crew to shut the camera off, even though an Amtrak big-wig is right there and is telling them it's OK to take pictures.

The same shit has been happening in Boston ever since 9/11 and I've heard a lot of stories about it happening in NJ Transit territory.

Yep. This seems to be the story from coast to coast. In LA there was supposed to be a rally for photographers' rights Sunday because some transit buffs and tourists were being harassed on the subway out there. I also recall reading somewhere a few years ago about a railfan who was harassed by a railroad's cop for taking photos of their trains -- the kicker was that the man was taking the photos from his own backyard. Definitely off of railroad property there!