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I need a hobby...

I was trying to figure out what to do with my time this summer -- beside pre-studying for German I (if it runs!) -- and nothing appeals to me. It's either not practical, too boring, too expensive, or just... too much water under the bridge to be a realistic option. And yes, that is what you think I am talking about. Fandom is weird. You can be out of it for years -- never even think about it, except perhaps when you notice Anne's name in a book on sci-fi -- and something causes you to take notice of it again, and you feel it calling to you: a siren luring you back to the world of Pern...

Speaking of Pern, what the heck has happened to all of the Pern writing clubs --- and why do I feel like I asked that before? There's scores of forum clubs with scenarios and dragon colors that make me want to go *twitch*, but expect for the obvious three of TW, AW, and DF, serious canon writing clubs seem to have faded from the scene. How different that is from when I started.

So, assuming that anyone is actually reading this and has gotten down this far, are there any suggestions as to what should I do this summer as a hobby? The only must-have requirements are low or no cost and I need some friendly / positive human interaction.
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