Freedom to photograph public spaces...

Here in New York City train buffs have been having a bit of trouble with the police and transit employees when taking photos on the subway system. According to the MTA's own website, taking photos or videos by the general public is LEGAL -- but try telling that to the police. Down in Washington, DC, they have been having a similar problem when trying to take photos or videos inside of Union Station. Amtrak says it is legal, but as this FOX News video shows, not everybody knows that. Priceless!

You can't do that here!
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Two shows down, 3 to go...

Little Shop of Horrors has the potential to be the best show the club and the department have done in a very long time. We've had a roughly two-thirds full house Thursday and Friday nights, and Saturday afternoon's show just might sell out -- a first in years!

More later...
Be Naughty!

Opening night...

It's 2:40am. I got home about 2 hours ago from the final rehearsal for Little Shop of Horrors. Things went well, although there are a few rough spots remaining. Tomorrow night should be interesting.

I'm sleep deprived, and yet I am wide awake right now. So I'm watching the pilot episode of Queer as Folk. *sigh* I'm so much like Michael it's not funny.

If you are coming to the show, let me now ASAP so that I can reserve tickets for you. For the first time in a long time we might actually sell out some or all of the performances! *crosses fingers*
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You are watching DTV... NOT!!!

Okay, so we got the $40 government coupons in the mail this week and went to Radio Shack on Saturday to buy a DTV converter for one of the TVs. Setup went easily enough, but the stations... Oy Vey!

There are a number of DTV stations broadcasting in New York City, but you wouldn't know it from flipping through the channels via the converter box. I now have fewer stations than before I set it up, and some of them are just so much pixelated garbage on the screen. I realize that we still have a number of months before the switch over, but hell! if this is the level of signal reception the majority of non-cable, set-top antenna users are going to be getting come next February, the government is going to have a riot on its hands. DTV as a service sucks. I did manage to get one station in strongly, and that was wonderfully crisp, but still... They need to fix this issue if they want the American public to embrace the change without demanding the recall of every idiot who voted for this switch.
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Name that show...

Edit: We have an answer... It was "Earth Star Voyager" -- a two part pilot of which, it would seem, I only saw part one.

I need some help from y'all. I recall a TV movie about a spaceship launched with a crew made-up of primarily teenagers because of the duration of the round trip to the planet they were being sent to explore. Before the ship got very far they were attacked and had to construct a makeshift weapon and mount it in a hanger or cargo bay or airlock (something like that) to defend the ship. It cliff-hanged there and, as far as I know, never returned to the air. I think it might have been a Disney movie, or at least aired in the Sunday at 7pm slot Disney movies typically air. This ran circa late 1980s or early 1990s -- I think it was pre-1992 as I believe I was still living in Brighton Beach when it aired (and so it could have aired on cable).

Can anyone put a name to this faded memory of a sci-fi show?
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Baloo - Smile

This and that....

I should be in bed seeing as I have an 8am class (D'oh!) in the morning, but I am wide awake and somewhat bored. Thus you have this totally random and meaning less entry just for the sake of making one.

EDIT: Hey! This is entry #777. Amazing how time flies.

Today's dose of smile:
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This and that....

Time for a bit of an update.

Let's see, in the last two months I've started and then dropped a math class over the winter session after I scored 45 (out of 100) on the first test. ~_~ I figured that it was better to drop it than risk a serious hit to my GPA. In place of it, I am taking an intro to computers course in the spring (which starts in 2 days). In addition to that I am taking 4 other classes: stage lighting, performing arts experience, photography 2, and the science of nutrition (oh joy!, oh rapture!). The science, computer, and performing arts classes are my last requirements for graduation. Where has the time gone?!?!

The proofs for my graduation photos arrived in the mail today. They aren't too bad, and there is even one I'd like to use as a head shot. And then I looked at the prices for the various packages. Having spent a great many hours in the darkroom last fall, and more this coming spring, I am acutely aware of just how much of a markup they are tacking on (the biggest package is $250, but there is only about $30 worth of material there -- and that's taking into account the film and chemicals as well as the paper). Maybe I should think about becoming a professional photographer. :o\

Health-wise, I'm doing pretty good. My only problem was one from hell. I managed to do something to my left shoulder at the end of last year. I thought it would work its way out, but a month later it was still bugging me. So, I went to the doctor, got some pills, took three doses, and ended up in the ER at three in the morning with my throat swelling shut from an allergic reaction. Needless to say, I'm going to stick with my ooches and ouches and over the counter pain relievers from now on.

Mom is doing well. Just a little shortness of breath and aches from the cold weather.

The dogs, bird, and fish are doing well too.

Finally, a bit of photoshop handiwork from yours truly:

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American Gay Gothic


Last night they were predicting 1 to 3 inches of snow for New York City.

As of 11am this morning, we have 6 to 8 inches on the ground with more coming.

Someone dropped the ball. :o\
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Homer -- Party!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, this is a little bit late in the night / morning, but that's only because I didn't get home until an hour ago. I went to a party at a friend's house, and it was... wonderful. Great food, great conversation, and great people. Though it wasn't in the original plan, mom came to the party too, and, as usual, was an awesome asset to the affair. Since we were supposed to each bring a dessert, I baked a two-layer strawberry layer cake and covered it with white frosting, shredded coconut, and a marzipan frozen lake ringed by snow-people. Yes folks, I am a creative and talented cook -- something which keeps surprising my friends.

Have a safe and happy new year. *hugs*
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