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The Dummies' Guide to Piyer Speak

An illuminated manuscript for the rest of us.

18 January 1972
Updated January 24, 2006:
It's only been 10 months since I last updated this bio, but boy! how things have changed. No, no, no. I have NOT turned hetro and gotten married, so don't worry about that. Although it is duller than I would care for it to be, my life is now anything but boring. I'm now involved with a theatre company, I work for a very gay-friendly Episcopal church, and I am enrolling in college. Nearly all of the rest is still true (single, gay, aspiring writer, etc.), but the "doesn't do" part should, in all honesty, be changed to a "rarely does" thanks to certain friends who shall remain nameless.

Updated March 21, 2005:
Well, after something like 2 years of using this journal I think that it's about time that I updated that bio, though one thing hasn't changed: I still lead a rather boring life. I am a 30-something aspiring writer, who doesn't drink, smoke, or do (illegal) drugs. Heck, I don't even drink coffee! I'm single, gay, and warily looking: in other words, I want a friendship that leads to a relationship, not a blind date that leads to a one night stand. Want to know more about me, read my journal. Most of it is public. Friend me and comment and maybe I'll let you into the more private areas of my journal.

Rocky Crater Weyrhold
Victorian Hogwarts